Mount Beauty Art Group Inc.

We are a community, non- profit group organized by volunteer members. New members are always welcome. Members have a common interest in all things arty. Members have varied levels of experience from beginners to some with formal art training.

Our Purpose:

  • Meet and enjoy the company and conversation of people with an interest in art.
  • Create an environment where individuals are encouraged and inspired to make art regardless of experience or talent.
  • Provide an opportunity for members to exhibit work.
  • Conduct workshops to provide learning opportunities for members and the community.
  • Participate in a regional art network by providing communication links with other art groups and exhibition opportunities.

When and Where Do We Meet?

Mount Beauty Art Group meets every Thursday between 10am & 4pm, in the Alex McCullough hall at the Mt Beauty Neighbourhood Centre.
Some members choose to attend every week others less frequently. Some stay the whole day others just an hour or two.  We are a relaxed and friendly group and members are free to participate at whatever level suits them.

What Do We Do?

At most meetings members work on individual pieces of their own choice.

Regularly a special workshop is held, for example on a printing technique or a particular medium such as pastel or maybe a style of work such as abstraction.

We also have outings to paint in the field or picnic!

These workshops and outings will be posted on our site.

What Do You Need?

  • A pencil and paper will do, or whatever art materials you have or would like to try.
  • $3 per week covers the cost of booking the room.
  • $10 p.a. membership fee to participate.
  • $10 p.a. if you choose to exhibit work in our Easter Art Show.
  • Bring your own lunch, morning tea.  Tea and coffee is available at the Neighbourhood Centre for a small donation of 20cents per cup.
  • A sense of humour is handy and appreciated.
  • Workshops sometimes involve a small cost for art material or for visiting teachers.  

Coming Soon!!!

  • Access to a library of books and videos on all kinds of art and art making.
  • A pottery/ hand building techniques /sculpture workshop.
  • Making Art to Music!
  • Still Life workshop.
  • Drawing people workshop.
  • Examples and profiles on members.
  • Links to Interesting web sites.